FAQ about architecture visualization

What is Architecture Visualization ?

What is necessary for an architecture visualization ?

In most cases, floor plans or construction plans are required for an architecture visualization. Precise measurements and dimensions enable a one-to-one construction of the property. This is not valid for interior decorations, these can be discussed and planned directly with you. Under certain circumstances it is also possible to create real estate based on a photo only.

Are there any legal restrictions for the creation of architecture visualizations?

Basically, it is important that you have the rights to the object or building plan. In a commercial way, only real estate for which permission has been granted may be advertised. Of course, in the private sector any real estate may be created only if it is not used commercially.

How long does an architecture visualization take?

A minor architecture visualization usually takes 2-5 days. If the buildings are larger, the multi-family homes or construction complexes, it can also take a week to 10 days.
Still larger projects such as skyscrapers, airports, large industrial parks take two weeks to 20 days. Obviously, all times are variable, sometimes it goes faster or slower. This is also due to the customer's change requests, or the availability of further information to continue the work of the visualization.

How much does an architecture visualization cost?

It is also relatively difficult to estimate prices. Is it a building with few details, is it small or large, is the interior or interior design the complex or very simple and minimalist? There are many factors that play a role here when remembered prices are between 200€ and 1200€ depending on complexity and time frame.
Is the price intended for architecture visualization per image?
Prices are generally seen as starting price in architecture visualization, the first image is the most intensive cost. The reason for this is that the building has to be created, designed, textured and many other steps have to be taken first. You need all this to realize the first picture. Of course a second or third picture is much cheaper. There, we only need to change the camera angle and adjust minor changes. Transparency regarding pricing is very important for us, in architecture visualization we keep our good reputation, and this by pure customer satisfaction.

How do I commission an architecture visualization?
Please send us an e-mail to info@estaterender.com or just give us a call. We are going to ask them which project they have in mind, by when they need it, and what data they already have. Generally speaking, we answer all questions about what is architecture visualization.
How can I use the architecture visualization of Estaterender?
We create the architecture visualization you have commissioned. Thereafter, they all have freedom of movement and no legal restrictions on the use of their architecture visualization. Once the visualization is complete, we transfer all rights to the image.
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